Trinity Blood are a famous series of novels from Japan written by the late Sunao Yoshida. They were originally published in “The Sneaker”, a periodical from Japan.

The series was also later adapted into manga and anime series, and had ilustrations by Kiyo Kujo, and not Thores Shibamoto, the one that has done the original illustrations.

The manga adaptation was serialized in the monthly Asuka magazine, with 8 published volumes, while the anime was produced by GONZO with a total of 24 episodes, playing initially on the WOWOW netword at Thrusdays. All series have considerable differences.

Sunao Yoshida didn’t finish the story has he died on July 15th 2004, shortly after the announcement of the anime, victim of a lung blockage, being 34 years old at the time.

It was Kentaro Yasui, Sunao Yoshida’s friend and author of the Ragnarok novels, that was asked to continue the novelization of Trinity Blood. The next sets of novels in Trinity Blood were “R.O.M.” (Reborn On the Mars), and “R.A.M.” (Rage Against the Moons), being the R.A.M. events the first ones to take place and the R.O.M. ones next.

About the novels, it all happens in an indeterminate time in the future, 900 years after an apocalyptic war between the entire Earth’s nations which have destroyed civilization. The Roman Catholic Church become then a major military power with protection of humanity against the vampiric Methuselahs as primary goal. These Methuselahs would be then at war with humankind (they called them “Terrans”).

Roman Catholic Church is established in the Vatican city as in the real world, while the Methuselahs find themselves having Byzantium (now Istambul) as their capital, with a huge particle field filtering all UV radiation and protecting them from certain death.

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